You're the Star of Your Hollywood Wedding Reception

Published: 03rd April 2008
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Action! The Hollywood wedding is a fun thrill for romantics who love their classic movies. It's also a wonderful plan for devotees of the sleek sophistication of California's old-school elegance, and for brides and grooms who want a little razzle-dazzle thrown into their reception festivities.

The movie-themed wedding is an easy, charming motif for a reception that's not overwhelmingly expensive yet at the same time gives guests a kind of glamour they don't often experience first-hand. Planning the decorations and entertainment is simple enough - it's just a matter of taking "cues" from a movie world premiere.

The decorations are your set dressings.

Your venue is your sound stage and your theatre, so dressing it up for the reception means combining elegance with a few well-placed "special effects." As guests walk down a red carpet towards the venue, they can take in classic movie posters: choose from your favorite romances or from movies whose titles hint at what waits inside. (Fantastic Voyage, An Affair To Remember, It Happened One Night, just to name a few).

A server or other venue staff member should be at the entrance to the hall to seat guests, possibly even in the classic red and gold livery of a movie theatre usher. You might also have a snack cart offering guests snacks of popcorn as they go inside.

The reception hall is like a theatre where guests supply the action.

Inside the venue, you can have old films and photographs showing against one wall at the end of the venue, increasing the movie theatre ambience. Each table might have an award statue for a centerpiece. Once the guests are seated, the wedding photographer - wearing a "Press" badge - can go around taking pictures.

One corner of the venue hall can have as a snack bar where guests can get their sodas, refills of popcorn, and candies and sweets.

You're the star.

You should make your entrance to the reception to the sound of movie studio fanfares, including trumpets and kettledrum rolls, so guests can get a sense of your "arrival" as a married couple. As a wedding favor, you could even give them silver chrome photo frames to keep as valuable souvenirs, or a "soundtrack" mix disc of all the music you played. Favors might also include "romance" candles or silver chrome "props" that are functional kitchen items such as bottle openers or measuring spoons, too.

Don't forget to end the reception with a closing theme, such as "I'll Be Seeing You" or "Happy Trails." For all of these wedding shower favors and more, visit the My Wedding Favors website at to browse their collection of hundreds of unique wedding favors, bridesmaids gifts and much more including helpful wedding and marriage articles.

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